Saving Money on Grocery Shopping

All grocery stores have to get rid of certain items by the end of the day so if you plan to buy things like a whole cooked chicken(Chicken specifically gets marked down 3 hrs after cooking), go at the end of the trading day and you will find your chicken marked down, usually by less than even half-price. You can get a similar benefit from going early morning.

Find out when your specific store does mark-downs – Usually 3pm and 5pm.

Note, some grocers do their mark-downs first thing in the morning (opening time)

If your grocer is open late, try between 9pm and midnight for mark downs.

** Fruit is cheapest at the end of the week, so go Friday and Saturday.

While I can’t verify this, some people say Wednesday mornings are good days for mark-downs as some grocers do mark-downs on Wed in preparation for the end of the week shipments.

Another day known to be the cheapest is Sunday evening.

The best advice I would give here, would be to get friendly with someone at your local grocer and find out when they do most of their mark-downs.

More grocery shopping saving tips:

Beware of marketing strategies – Super markets know how to catch your attention to try to sell you. If you are aware of these ploys, you can avoid them.

Check products below or above eye-level – This is one of those marketing strategies mentioned above. Manufacturers pay grocers for premium eye-level product placing. You are the one that ends up paying for this premium placing!

Make a list and stick to it. – If you go out with a list and only buy what’s on the list you will spend less than if you go to the store and buy what you think you need for the week.

Store and Plain Brands – Try plain brands or store brands, they are almost always as good as more expensive labelled brands and are even better sometimes. Why pay for pretty advertising on your cat food tin when the plain brand stuff is half the price?

Coupons, Rebates, and Frequent Shopper Programs – I’m not a coupon user and probably never will be but it’s a fact that added up over a year using these can end up saving you hundreds of dollars. A recent study showed on average a 10% saving over a year.

Check Sunday papers, contact manufacturers directly and ask them if they have coupons they could send you and ask to be placed on their mailing list, check store displays as they often have more coupons and go online where you can often find printable coupons not available by conventional means.

Trying shopping like a European – If money is really tight, a technique mentioned to us by a subscriber is this: Shop like a European – This means you buy the stuff you need for dinner each day. This helps in 2 ways: One, you don’t have to spend one big lump sum of $$$ for a week or two’s worth of groceries.

Two, it lets you decide your meal based on what is on special. Some people (especially singles or couples with no children find this can be very economical).

Eat differently – Dinner doesn’t have to be steak with vegetables. There is nothing wrong with a simple (and CHEAP) pasta dish or a sandwich for dinner! You may not be used to it but another cheap way of eating is with stews or curries. It doesn’t matter what goes into it, call it ‘Gumbo’! The beauty of it is you can let the price of ingredients dictate what goes into it. Buy all the cheapest stuff and throw it all together in a huge pot, cook for an hour or two and portion it out for the next few days. Do you often make soup? If you want to save money, soup is great! Not only do you eat less if you start out with soup first, soup is cheap!

Ethnic Grocers – Try Asian or Indian grocers! You will often find many items cheaper in these stores but you may find a whole new range of ideas which are cheaper than the way you do it now!

Don’t shop on an empty stomach – Science boffins have proved that if you go shopping when you are hungry you spend more money than if you go after a meal. The reason, you’re subconsciously buying more because your hunger is making you feel you need more.

*** Shop at markets at the end of the trading day. If you can, shop at farmer’s markets for the best quality and the cheapest price. In my area (West End in Australia’s Queensland) there is a small market with a huge range of foods and if we arrive just when the stall owners are just about to pack up you wouldn’t believe how cheap we get our groceries. Doing this we get our groceries done 4 times as cheap as if we did all our shopping at Woolworths! Example; ONE dollar for a big bunch of bananas that would be $6 at a big-name grocery store.

Economical Gadgets to Enhance Communication

Radio systems are conveniently used for commercial and personal requirements. These cost-effective products provide an excellent communication solution. Conventional radios work on single radio frequency. But with the advancement of technology, portable radios having many channels are available with a channel selector in the control panel.

To avoid interloping of signals, frequency regulator board will allocate a channel with particular frequency for a specific organization. Another type of portable radio system is the trunked radio. This gadget operates on pre-programmed codes to automatically select the frequency channel of its type. Most advanced version of trunked radios has the capability to access multiple conversations through a single frequency.

Duplex portable radio can transmit and receive signals of different frequencies. This device is used for communication only if a core infrastructure is maintained, particularly a base station and a repeater. Duplex radio systems are available in three types including half duplex, full duplex and hybrid duplex. This type of system also helps to extend the range of communication between end users. Another category of portable radios are analog and digital radio. Walkie talkie and AM radios used in aircraft come under analog classification. Analog radio enables better communication even if the signals are weak. However, digital radio permits synchronized interaction between multiple users. Standard safety radio is also named under this category.

Before buying a radio system, you have to determine the actual use, location, range, power requirements, budget, durability, consistency and number of channels. As portable radios are available in VHF and UHF modes, it is your choice to select the suitable product. If you wish to operate the radio system in hilly or open ground with rugged geographical features, then VHF format is the right option. On the other hand, UHF radios are well suited for crowded cities with steel or concrete buildings. Power requirement is another decisive factor that needs special attention while purchasing radio systems.

Two way portable radio systems are used for communication in business, outdoor recreation and public safety. Different accessories required for these devices are rechargeable batteries, rechargers, audio accessory jacks, speaker microphones, and drop in rechargers. Portable radios are actually in great need to bridge the gap while you are away at a shopping center or engaged in hiking, skiing or traveling. Businesses also take the advantage of this robust technology to link all employees scattered at different places within the range of a wireless radio.

Be Economical and Save Dollars

With the expansion of the commercial world, people are hankering after the fashionable product items. They forget to keep their zeal and intention under control. Temptation is really very destructive force and it will bring you on the verge of the financial breakup in the long run. If you overlook the basic importance of the money saving, it will be your mistake. Therefore, please be careful and much attentive to spend money understanding your financial strength. If you are employee and you earn monthly salary from your company, it will be your headache to minimize your daily expenses.

Now how will you do that? OK first please quit smoking, stop playing gambling and try to lead an honest living. To be frugal is the best way to save money. It is seen that there are many guys who are not very much aware of the expenses. The excessive expenditure causes a number of problems in real life. That’s why you must be alert and attentive while making the budget plan. The more convenient way is to make a list of expenses which you will have to bear in the long run. Window shopping is good but you must spend the limited amount so that you can save money. It will be better for you to seek for the discounted prices.

If you choose the flea market or closeouts for purchasing the reconditioned products at the minimal prices, I am sure you will definitely save some dollars. The flea market always sells the second hand products where as the clearance shops or closeouts sell the marked down products at the lowest prices. In this way you can save money for future purpose. Now if you do comparison study, what will be your profit? You will be benefited to collect the different price rates and you must compare which one is perfect for you. You must purchase the cost effective product which is in good condition.

Try to complete your breakfast, lunch and dinner at home. It is a matter of massive expenditure if someone frequently goes to bar or hotel or restaurant to take lunch, dinner and for soft drinks. All these items are costly and you must control yourself so that you will not buy sumptuous things for decorating house or making you attractive. If you are able to spend in correct way, there is no requirement to apply for loan which will be extra burden to you in your life.

The Economical Way Of Buying Your Camping Gear

Camping with family works out to be cheaper than other type of vacationing. At times even camping may seem to be expensive, depending on what you prefer. You can get plenty of discounted camping equipments. You can find them at retails shops as well as online. Some websites are solely into selling the discounted camping gear. By this way you can save on lot of cost of the camping trip.

Even if you have limited funds and can afford only discounted camping equipments, don’t skimp on the tent that you may purchase. Many tents are not excessively large and in case there are four of you camping then don’t end up buying a fourth berth tent rather go for a six berth tent. You will not repent having made this choice; it will provide enough room for all of you to stay in comfortably along with your respective camping gear.

In two hundred dollars, you can buy a decent tent. This may not appear cheap to you, but invest in it as you will be using it in the future also .If you handle this tent with care, this can really last a long time and for years and years together to protect you from sun as well as wind and rain. Look for a tent with extra screen which will aid in keeping mosquitoes at bay along with other such bugs .These bugs can give you a run for your life.

Many retail shops offer discounted camping equipments made of good quality tarpaulins which are worth paying fifteen to twenty dollars extra. Use normal ground sheet under them to get more protection from damp, cold and predatory bugs. As it’s with everything, if looked after well, a good quality tarpaulin will really last long for years.

You are shopping for these discounted camping equipments online, and then you will not have to undergo the hassle of going to the retail shop and buying it. One of many reasons why its cheaper to buy it online because online stores don’t have to bear the overhead expensive like retail shops therefore they save lot on it which they pass to you in the form of best price. One more way of saving on money while buying it is to go for second hand ones in good condition or rent these equipments when going on a camping trip.

One important advice is that whether you are buying discounted camping equipments or some other equipment, before proceeding to do anything, make a list of what you exactly require. The basic things that you may need are sleeping bags, tents, pots and skillets. The other essential stuff is lantern or a torch.

Brita Water Filter Solutions Are Economical And Convenient

Even with all the advances in technology in so many areas, it seems that being sure that you have quality drinking water for your family can be a bigger challenge than some people expect.

Too often it is reported that fluid sources, that we think should be safe, actually contain many contaminants. The Brita water filter pitcher is a quick and affordable way to be sure your family is drinking good quality fluid.

The Brita liquid purifier and pitcher combination, was one of the first such products introduced to the market and is still the most widely known and used in the area of simple and inexpensive liquid filtration.

Since the Brita company introduced its filtering pitcher many years ago, the company has also expanded its product line to include models of home water filters that can be attached to standard fluid faucets.

As the general public has become more aware and concerned about the dangers to health and well-being that are posed by contaminants in water, the bottled liquid sales have dramatically increased.

However, bottled liquid is an expensive and quite inconvenient solution to the problem. The Brita water filter provides a very simple and effective approach to providing a constant supply of purified tap fluid that is also very cost effective.

The Brita water filter faucet system is an option to the filtering pitcher. Most of the time these are attached to the faucet in the kitchen, but they can also be attached to any faucet that will be used to deliver drinking fluids.

Some families put these on the faucets in their children’s bathroom or on the faucet of a sink in an outdoor kitchen, or in the bar or entertainment areas of the home.

By utilizing drinking water filters throughout the home, this helps to assure that no matter where the family member is, they have quick access to purified fluids.

The faucet version of the Brita liquid purifier is very simple to install and can be done in just a few minutes and without any tools required. The Brita house fluid filter technology is very effective at removing lead, chlorine, cryptosporidium and giaria from the liquid source coming into your home.

The faucet system also includes an special LED indicator that alerts you when it is time for a replacement water filter. The Brita filters are designed to be replaced approximately every four months.

However, depending on how much fluid your family uses, it may need to be replaced more often or less often, which is why the LED indicator is so helpful.

If you love having a nice cold pitcher of fluid in the refrigerator, always ready to quench your thirst and cool you down, then the Brita water filter pitcher might be your best option.

The pitcher is a good choice for a single person or a small family, or for those who have older faucets that might not accommodate the faucet-mounted option.

The Brita refrigerator fluid filters and pitchers come in a variety of sizes to fit your needs and some are designed to fit into the refrigerator door so that they take up minimal space.

Brita has recently introduced a new liquid filtering product to the market: the Brita water filter kettle. This kettle can both heat and filter water and deliver up to twelve cups of hot and pure fluid within just a few minutes.

It can also be use for filtering only or for liquid boiling only and it monitors the condition of the filter, alerting you when you need to get a replacement water filter.